How To Restore A Deleted Word Document

Posted by micki on July 04, 2012

How To Restore A Deleted Word Document

  We usually use windows word to save some important documents, because windows word is safe and easy to use. Sometimes, We may deleted an important word document occasionally, it is unfortunate for us. Is there a way to let us to get back the important word document?

  If we just use the Windows Explorer to deleted the important word document file, then it is not actually deleted, but it just is moved to a hidden folder called the Recycle Bin. It is very safe, but of course the important word document file is not kept forever,  after we empty the Recycle Bin we may lost it forever.  How can we get the file back from the Recycle Bin? It is very easy to restore a deleted word document file from the Recycle Bin.  At first, find the icon of the Recycle Bin from the Windows Desktop and open it up by double click  the icon. Next, We look through all files in the Recycle Bin and find the important word document file. Finally, we right-click on the file and choose "Restore", then we can find the file on where it exists.

  When we drag the important word document into the Recycle Bin we can restore the deleted word document by the same way.

  Sometimes, we delete an important word document file and empty the Recycle Bin, can we restore the deleted word document file? Many people think the file is permanent gone, and the Windows help menu tell us that "Deleting an item from the Recycle Bin permanently removes it from our computer" too. But the answer is "yes", Yes, there still is choice to let us to restore our deleted word document file. Because, when a file is deleted from our computer and emptied from the Recycle Bin, its contents will not be immediately destroyed, the operation system just marks the hard driver space as be available for use by changing one character in the file table so that the file entry won't be displayed in My Computer.

  Ok, we know that we can restore a deleted word document file even if it has been emptied form the Recycle Bin, but what can we do for it? There is not any official way to restore it in the Windows, we can use third-party software to do it. The File Recovery Assist Software is the best , the File Recovery Assist can restore a deleted word document file even if it has been emptied form the Recycle Bin. Use the software we can see the lost file before we pait for it, so Try it is risk free. We can download it from here:

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